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What Is Unisom

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What Is Unisom

Related post: A qualified prognosis. ., , ,, ." . , . 1 i_ . r asenhed the result to the remedy; but I must warn you Unisom Sleep not to conclude that her disease is radically cured. PROLAPSUS UTERI WITH DROPSY, DATING FltOM THE CLIMACTERIC PERIOD. , Vase. ? Mrs. , aged 52, Unisom Sleep Gels has had four children, the youngest of which is now fifteen years old. She has had Unisom B6 but oue abortion, and that occurred prior to the birth of her last child. Her men- struation was first established at the age of twelve years, and it ceased at forty, that is to say twelve years ago. Sne says that her mother met with her " change " at the same age. The first symptom of ill health that this woman remarked in her own case, was a bloated feeling in the abdomen, which was sometimes quite full and distended, and again would subside to almost Unisom Sleep Aid its natural size. This enlargement, she says, was uniform in its development, and not limited to any particular portion of the abdomen. There has been no tenderness on pressure, and no soreness. The swell- ^n^yGoogle PBOLAPSUS AT, illE CLIMACTERIC. 533 ing Unisom Tablets is notably increased by exercise, and is accompanied by bloat- ing and pulfiness of the limbs, the feet, and the face. The bowels are habitually constipated, and if she fails to take a laxative pill, she has a great deal of straining at stool, mid finally passes only dry, bard scybala. By reason ot this urging at stool, she is quite positive that the womb is sometimes very much pro- lapsed, so much so, indeed, as to Unisom Sleepgels threaten protrusion Unisom Sleepgel from the vulva. She is also certain that at these times she has felt it lying between the labia majora. When she lies with the bead low and the hips raised, the "tumor" disappears. The Dispensary Physician) has made a careful vaginal Examination of this case, and diagnosticates it as one of confirmed prolapsus uteri. The swell- ing of the integument is evidently dropsical, as is proved by its ** pitting" under the pressure of my finger. The urine is scanty and high colored ; the appetite capricious. Uterine displacements are so frequently related, either directly -or indirectly, to abortion aud to labor at term, that it will be well Parturition noBuse of for you, in every case, to inquire whether the Ita'dtaM^u patient has recently passed through the process predispose* thereto. of parturition. This woman's last labor occurred fifteen years ago, and the probability that the uterine deviation dates from that event is very much lessened by the tact that it was not noticed until three years later. The prolapsus came on with the "change," or the advent of the grand climacteric, which, in her case, occurred at the early age of forty years. It is, therefore, possible for the uterus to become displaced at the Unisom For Sleep end of the child- beariug period, aud from other causes than a defect in What Is Unisom its proper involution, or folding upon itself, alter Iubor. Now the most obvious reason why she, at her time of life, has a prolapsus so decided, and which is only remotely, Unisom Gel if at all, related DnWMtMouM* to P re g n(inc y> ? the co-existence of dropsy, to teric, and constipation, Unisom Sleeping which many women are liable at the climacteric. ?niBe? ot prolapsus. r^ ascites and general anasarca are indicative of a weakened and relaxed fibre, which strongly predisposes to uterine displacements. Add to this the direct pressure imposed upon the womb, also the semi-paralyzed condition of the rectum, and of the perineum (which has lost Unisom And B6 it3 resiliency), and the dis- placement downwards, even to the extent of procidentia, is readily -explained. The only support that the uterus has from below, is from the contractile wall of the vagina, which rests like a column upon the "perineum ; and the chief muscles of the latter are con- D, B ,t,zeO C yGOOgIe 524 THE DISEASES OF WOMEN. uected with the rectum and Unisom 25mg the anus. In the constipation which is incident to chronic cases of Unisom 2 this kind, the tone and elasticity of these tissues is partially or wholly lost. The straining at stool may therefore not only serve to perpetuate the luxation, hut also to Unisom Sleep Gel change its degree, and even its variety. Buy Unisom It may convert a case of retroflexion into one of retroversion, or of simple prolapsus into procidentia. This relaxed or weakened condition of the muscular floor of the pelvis is, as I have already said, much more likely to follow upon the heels of labor, either premature or at term; but Unisom Sleeptabs it also occurs in those who, like this patient, have borne numerous children, and who become subsequently afflicted with protracted and debilitating disease, ?Ireatment. ? The relief afforded by the horizontal position, with the hips elevated, is significant. Many cases of prolapsus need but little beside appropriate postural treatment. It aa^e^ri^i"^!' ofte11 happens that the displaced uterus will gravitate into its proper position, if the patient can keep off her feet. . But it is not always possible, nor would it l>e best, for women with this infirmity to go to bed and remain there. Those of the poorer classes must work, and they all need exercise. And thus it may become Unisom Sleeping Aid necessary to supply a means of support which shall supplement the relaxed muscular fibre of the vagina and of the perineum. It Sleep Aid Unisom is in just such Unisom Coupons examples of prolapsus as this, occurring in women somewhat* advanced in life, who are ill in other respects, and constitutionally weak, and withal obliged to walk and to work daily, that I am accustomed to recom- mend the wearing of the perineal pad, as a means of temporary relief. It will accomplish more, and is more available in most instances, than any other form of supporter. In conjunctiou with the proper internal remedies, its effect is to tone up the parte which afford the natural support for the uterus, and at the same time to allow the patient to move about with impunity. I shall
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